Hydrant Annual Inspection and Flow Test

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Testing, Inspection, & Maintenance
1. Hydrant is easily opened/closed.
2. Hydrant opened fully and flushed.
3. Hydrant has no cracks, leaks, physical damage or corrosion.
4. All caps rotate smoothly, gaskets present, outlet threads lubricated.
5. Hydrant barrel drains properly.
6. Hydrant is accessible (3’ clearance up to and around hydrant).
7. Hydrant is painted red, paint is in good condition.
Inspection Date
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Flow Calculator

(0.7, 0.8, or 0.9)

(Normally 2.5 inches.)

Flow, GPM: 0
Flow, GPM at 20 PSI: NaN
Flow, GPM at 0 PSI: NaN
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