Suspicious Activity

The Lenexa Police Department encourages the public to provide us with information regarding situations believed to be suspicious. We cannot effectively deter and detect crime without help from the public. You are encouraged to phone the Lenexa Police Department at 913-477-7301 for non-emergency situations; or dial 9-1-1 in case of emergency. The report below goes to an automated email in box that is not constantly monitored. Therefore, your report may not be acted upon immediately and most likely will result in a delayed response. If you believe a suspicious circumstance requires immediate police response please telephone the Lenexa Police Department directly.

Warning - It is illegal to file a false police report!

Falsely reporting a crime is informing a law enforcement officer or a state investigative agency that a crime has been committed, knowing that such information is false and intending that the officer or agency shall act in reliance upon such information (KSA 21-3818, emphasis added).

Make your report as accurate as possible, and fill in as many of the requested fields as you can. If your information is incomplete, or you're not positive about a particular detail, we'll be glad to discuss that with you after you submit your report.

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