City of Lenexa

Stormwater Management
2023 Cost Share Application

Program Conditions and Instructions

The City of Lenexa is partnering with the Johnson County Stormwater Management Program to provide $15,000 for a stormwater management cost-share program. The program is intended to help cover the cost of materials and/or contractor labor to install such projects. The City of Lenexa will provide a 75 percent match for rain barrels and associated materials, up to $110 per rain barrel.

Funding is available to applicants on a first come, first served basis, and applications will be considered in the order they are received.

Lenexa staff is available to help answer any questions you have as you work through the application. If you have questions about the program, email us at

Program Applicant Conditions

  1. The applicant shall be responsible for all project costs. The City of Lenexa will provide reimbursement after the costs have been incurred. After the applicant submits all final costs and receipts, the City of Lenexa will verify the structure is properly installed and will then provide reimbursement to the applicant.
  2. The project must be installed and completed by October 31, 2023.
  3. The City of Lenexa will require access to your property for evaluation of the application prior to the start of construction, during construction and after construction is complete for final inspection of the project. Photos will be taken of the project for possible use in promotional materials about Lenexa’s Stormwater Program.
  4. Implementation of an approved project is the sole responsibility of the property owner. The City of Lenexa is not liable for personal injury or property damage resulting from work or alterations in drainage.
  5. Projects approved for funding carry no implied warranty by the City of Lenexa.
  6. The funded practice shall be maintained for a minimum period of three years. All maintenance costs are the responsibility of the property owner.
  7. The applicant is responsible for obtaining all applicable permits. This includes notifying Kansas One Call before digging. This application approval does not constitute a permit.
  8. Annual reimbursement is limited to $1500 per resident.
  9. The person requesting the reimbursement must submit a completed W-9 form with the application. Applications without a completed W-9 will not be approved until it has been submitted.

Instructions if Mailing in your Form

  1. If you only have Rain Barrels in your project, use this form.
    If you have more than just Rain Barrels, use this form.
  2. Print out and complete the application. Make sure to include a project map or diagram, a cost summary, a project schedule and signed maintenance agreement form.
  3. Make sure the application is signed by the property owner(s).
  4. Submit the completed application and all required documents via email to Tom Jacobs at or via regular post mail:
      City of Lenexa
      Community Development Division
      Attn: Tom Jacobs, P.E.
      17101 W. 87th St Pkwy, Lenexa, KS 66219
  5. Log onto the City of Lenexa Vendor portal ( to create your vendor profile, submit your W-9. Upon project completion you will also submit final receipts for approval and payment through this system.

    This is step is important for the reimbursement process, so don't forget to complete it!

Instructions if Submitting Electronically

  1. Complete this online application by using the "Next" buttons to move through the sections of the form.

Important Things to Remember

  • You must maintain your project for three years after installation.
  • Picking the right spot in your yard is critical.
  • Lenexa’s staff is here to assist you with this process. Email us at to contact us.
  • Always, always call Kansas One-call (811) before you dig.
Projects should be approved before purchases are made! Do not start your project until Lenexa staff has accepted your application and granted project approval.